We’ve Had Enough Talk from Governor Mapp!!

Our Residents’ Blue Roofs = The Government’s Failure!

Allie Petrus and Sammy Sanes Canvass Operations Expose the Truth!

The Petrus-Sanes Campaign has released our latest Campaign Video to the Voters of Our Islands. Democratic Candidates for Governor Allison “Allie” Petrus and Lieutenant Governor Sammuel “Sammy” Sanes have been Canvassing throughout St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John to meet and talk directly to the people hit hardest by the hurricanes and during that time they have seen the truth.

While Ken Mapp continues to do one press conference after another telling everybody what a great job he is doing, Allie and Sammy have gone into our neighborhoods and seen firsthand that our people have been forgotten. Each and every Blue Canvass Roof represents the abandonment and continued failure of the current Administration to do its most important job – Look Out for Our People!!

And, with the most recent storm that passed our way, what have we learned is the plan for those residents with Blue Canvass Roofs if another real hurricane heads our way:“Get Out.” That is not Leadership!! That is a Failure of Government!!

Change is Coming, Hope is Coming, and We will bring back a Government that Works for You!!