Democratic Candidate for Governor Allison “Allie” Petrus issued a statement Friday calling for the immediate resignation of Virgin Islands Port Authority Executive Director David Mapp, brother of Governor Kenneth Mapp, in the wake of last evening’s security breach where all of the national flags lining the entrance to Cyril E. King Airport were removed and replaced with black flags bearing the word “Allah”.

Petrus states, “This security issue, along with the overall mismanagement of the Port Authority, would have led to the dismissal of anyone else in that position of Executive Director if they weren’t the brother of the Governor or the cousin of the Chairperson of the Port Authority Board.

“As a leading tourist destination in the Caribbean, it is imperative that USVI is viewed by the world as a safe vacation destination with a keen eye and focus on the access and security of our ports through which hundreds of thousands of visitors pass through each year.”

Petrus also points to the fact that the condition of the Cyril E. King Airport is still in major disrepair close to a year after the storms. Following the hurricanes, Mr. Mapp was very slow in reopening the airport for commerce, thereby affecting the pace of our recovery.

Additionally, the Executive Director’s lack of urgency in re-establishing a Custom’s Clearing space in Red Hook speaks to the fact that he is incognizant to the importance of commerce between the BVI and the USVI.

Petrus said, “David Mapp’s unacceptable performance demonstrates that he is unfit to manage the most important entity that feeds our economy – the Port Authority. Officials need to be accountable for their duties, and in an administration led by me and Senator Sammuel “Sammy” Sanes,” they will be.”

“It is clear that David Mapp is not able to execute his job effectively. The fact that Mr. Mapp is brother to the Governor and the cousin of the Chairperson of the Port Authority Board should not afford him any protection from his dereliction of duty in keeping our Ports operable and safe,” Petrus concluded.