Supporting Our Veterans and Military Families

Strengthen veterans assistance, access to a variety of physical and mental health care and housing. Provide avenues for transitional employment, education and training programs for veterans and their families in the territory.


  • USVI veterans do not have access to the same level of services as Puerto Rico veterans.
  • USVI does not have a VA hospital, so USVI veterans must go to a private emergency facility.
  • Veterans can wait three months for a doctor’s appointment, unless the doctor at the USVI Community Based Outpatient Clinic approves expediting an appointment.
  • Benefit applications are not given the same treatment, and if a veteran was to apply for benefits or disability claims, they would more likely get them if they applied through a mainland office instead of through Puerto Rico.
  • The high cost of living can be challenging for VI veterans.


  • Work closely with the Delegate to Congress to advance employment initiatives for our Veterans under the Hire a Hero Act, to bring training and workforce development opportunities to the VI.
  • Ensure that veterans who do not speak English have the resources, forms and support they need to access medical care and community engagement.
  • Improve access to and programs that allow for inpatient care, 24-hour care, emergency care, and outpatient specialty care in the USVI.
  • Hire an advocate who specifically works with various agencies and hospitals to address, monitor and resolve veterans’ concerns.

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