Improving Quality of Life

Improve the quality of and access to affordable healthcare services, housing, sports and recreation, cultural and creative outlets. Reduce crime rates and criminal activity. Ensure that our children, families, retirees and seniors have adequate access to food, services and healthy opportunities.


  • Years of neglect: Quality of life in the Virgin Islands for the majority of residents has been less than optimal. We have witnessed the slow erosion of a multitude of services. Moreover, the recent hurricanes have compounded the distress and lack of attention that people feel.
  • Crumbling Infrastructure: Waste-water, road, highways and solid waste systems.
  • Inferior electrification.
  • Mounting garbage and debris on streets and in neighborhoods.
  • Filled to capacity landfills.
  • Lack of recreational outlets for children and youth.
  • Inadequate senior citizens programs and services.
  • Lack of access to affordable healthcare and specialty care.
  • No long-term or managed-care plan for seniors and retirees.
  • Withholding of needed retirement funds.
  • High cost of food, imports and utilities.
  • Lack of affordable housing, inferior urban planning with no attention given to building sustainable, resilient communities that are retro-fitted with renewable technologies.
  • Cell phone, cable networks not able to sustain capacity during normal times, not to mention during disasters.
  • Inadequate attention to climate change and environmental concerns


  • Develop job creation programs and workforce training: Strengthening vocational and skills training to improve the quality of workers, increase on-the-job training and cross training and re-employment oriented training opportunities.
  • Develop a strategy and implement policies and programs that enrich people’s material, cultural life, recreational and social life.
  • Aggressively lobby major internet, cable and cellphone providers to develop plans and services for the needs of the territory.
  • Improve the quality of educational services from Head Start to elementary schools to improve educational achievement, teacher quality and professional development. Reform early childhood curriculum and standards.
  • Develop a cradle-to-grave children, youth and family plan that collaborates across agencies, non-profits and community services.
  • Enforce anti-litter and beautification and environment laws.
  • Address a climate change strategy to mitigate disaster and environmental impacts.

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