Increasing Public Safety and Security

Improve our law enforcement, fire and emergency responders. Improve salaries and quantity of personnel and training. Ensure that our communities and public places are safe and less vulnerable to risks from narcotics, gangs, cyber criminals and other security threats. Expand use of new technologies, mobile communications and increased neighborhood patrols to deter crime.


  • The lack of adequate pay for policemen and resources: Police compensation for the risks involved remains low. Lack of equipment and resources to perform their duties demoralizes our officers.
  • Delays in evidence processing: The slow processing of criminal evidence, criminal cases, and on island resources to process evidence requiring detailed and technical forensics, contributes to residents’ frustration and distress.
  • The Police Department lacks 21st Century technology.
  • The Department has demonstrated an inability to recruit and train law enforcement officers.
    Salaries are well below the national average.
  • Our streets are poorly lit.
  • Our youths are turning to drugs, crime, and guns due to a lack of opportunities and high poverty rates.
  • Too many crimes remain unsolved.


  • Provide for increased salaries and compensation for police officers, new recruits, and police personnel on the front line.
  • Provide housing incentives, education credits and professional development training opportunities.
  • Provide law enforcement agencies with the necessary resources and equipment.
  • Provide emotional and psychological support services for all officers, especially those handling domestic violence crimes and crimes against children.
  • Development of partnerships with other jurisdictions for the utilization of their modern labs and technical equipment.
  • Development of public/private partnerships for the funding and installation of cameras at all intersections and strategic locations throughout the Territory.
  • Appoint Police Commissioner solely based on proven capability, experience and expertise whose overarching task will be to develop and implement a viable operations structure for accountability, enforcement and educational initiatives.
  • Increase the capacity of outdoor lighting across the Territory.
  • Increase funding through grants solicitation for programs and initiatives across the Territory.
    Improve morale among officers.

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