Sustainable Infrastructure and Environmental Resiliency

Expand capacity in our air, maritime, transportation sectors and technology networks. Replace, rebuild and implement sound and reliable solid waste, and wastewater treatment systems. Implement and incorporate clean energy strategies across our environment. Implement an aggressive plan to beautify and clean up the territory.


  • Long neglected infrastructure needs exacerbated by the devastation wrought by Maria and Irma: Corroding waste-water and potable water pipes continue to plague those who depend on them.
  • Solid waste and eroding roads filled with potholes are also major issues.
  • Languishing projects: The territory has suffered an administration that has demonstrated a clear willingness to put a halt to projects that could have provided tremendous economic benefits, raising questions about its ability to manage the $1.8 billion needed to overhaul roads and other infrastructure projects over the next three to five years.
  • Infrastructure Plans: Lack of a comprehensive land and water use plan and hazard mitigation plan.
  • Inadequate airlift and cruise lines capacity, housing, schools and hotels: There is a need to increase our tourism product, airlift, and cruise line capacity for St. Thomas and especially for St. Croix. We have an increasing need for affordable housing, for new schools, extensive repairs of viable school structures, and for rapid re-opening of storm-damaged hotels, as well as increasing development for boutique and brand hotels.
  • Inadequate telephone and wireless capacity: Inadequate capacity in network capabilities during disaster and bad weather is problematic. Interruptions in every mode of communication, wireless, and internet access become a daunting challenge.


Our Administration will focus on strategic placement of resources and investments to maximize infrastructure improvement while prioritizing key projects. We will:

Roads, Highways and Transportation

  • Ensure that all roads and highways and surrounding attached green space are built with solid enduring materials from the foundation up and are maintained on a regular basis.
  • Address traffic congestion and alternate avenues for public transportation by improving use and quality of public transit, and increase shared-use transportation, biking and walking options (much like the dedicated biking trails in St. Croix).

Rebuilding Housing, Schools and Hospitals

  • Reconstruct hospitals in stages.
  • Build technologically advanced schools, equipped with state of the art resources and materials, and develop an ongoing maintenance and sustainability plan.
  • Rebuild and expand energy efficient, SMART affordable housing and sustainable housing communities.

Environment and Energy and Climate Change

  • Ensure that WAPA promotes and provides energy that is affordable, consistent and reliable.
  • Ensuring that WAPA and investors interested in renewable energy infrastructure are provided the necessary support and incentives for products that benefit the entire community.
  • Promote government and community awareness in reducing energy consumption and waste in public buildings, households, large-scale projects, and industry development.
  • Promote the protection of pristine land and reduce destructive land-use practices.
  • Promote the development of a long-term agenda and plan that seeks to reduce carbon emissions, increase renewable energy and efficiency, and aide in the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.
  • Ensure that the Waste Management Authority aggressively addresses outstanding deficiencies and consent orders, and that they employ sound, evidence-based best practices in managing solid waste, waste-water, and other responsibilities under their umbrella.
  • Expand the footprints of both landfills.
  • Develop a recycling initiative.


  • Enforce anti-litter and beautification laws
    Establish monetary penalties for disregarding enforcement laws
    Initiate volunteer groups to adopt areas of cleaning up trash and debris
    Develop targeted community beautification plans by neighborhoods

Technology and Communications

  • Implement the latest technology solutions using our current 5G platform to simplify online access and services for citizens and businesses to improve licensing, banking, motor vehicle registration, bill payments and other online services customarily offered to mainland residents.
  • Devise and execute technology solutions to allow for inter-agency collaboration.
  • Work with wireless and internet providers to remedy deficiencies and improve accessibility and quality of access.
  • Encourage department across government to institute effective software solution for conducting business, collecting data and secure filing and storage of documents and materials.

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