Improving Our Health Care System and Wellness Programs

Advance policies and practices that promote health and well-being as an imperative for the physician, mental and social health of our residents and communities. Build quality, access and affordability.


  • We are still waiting for a real and viable plan to rebuild our local hospitals.
  • Unequal Medicaid and Medicare dollars for the Territories.
  • Lack of medical insurance providers in the Territory.
  • Lack of affordable health care and prescription drugs.
  • High cost of food, housing, and other essential services.
  • Lack of mental health and homeless services.


  • Rebuild and expand superior health and hospital facilities: Work to bring public-private investments to rebuild our hospitals, clinics, and emergency shelters to make them more hurricane-resilient with renewable energy systems, self-sustaining systems, and equipment. This includes the staged reconstruction of our existing hospital infrastructure – not the currently proposed modular units, which meet with the disapproval of the entire medical community, from patients to doctors.
  • Develop disaster and trauma plans for our children, youth and seniors: Develop policies which address plans to mitigate negative impacts and provide urgent and targeted strategies and care for our children and seniors during times of disaster.
  • Address the disparities in health care: Work with our Delegate to the U.S. Congress and federal partners to address the disparities, inequality, and lack of access to quality affordable health care in the territory, especially related to lifting the Medicaid and Medicare caps, reducing cost-share, improving our CHIP program and having access to affordable prescriptions for children and seniors – especially in light of the challenges we now face with rebuilding our health-care infrastructure.
  • Improved government response: The Petrus/Sanes Administration will work relentlessly and tirelessly to build and expand public, private, and community-based programs among our primary government agencies (Health and Human Services, Education, GERS, Labor), semi-autonomous agencies (Waste Management Authority), and other community-based Social Service organizations, along with our federal partners to address and implement programs and initiatives to strengthen the social and economic well-being of children and families in the US Virgin Islands.
  • Improve public-private partnerships: Provide opportunities to assist individuals and families by developing networks of services and service providers. There is an urgent need for health promotion initiatives where aligning and connecting a continuum of services and service providers are critical to the development and delivery of supportive structures.
  • Deliver effective community support and interventions: Establish accessible, comprehensive, affordable quality human services programs which account for interventions, preventative and customary activities in health, learning, work, environment, social inclusion, recreational activity, parenting and early childhood services.
  • Investment in Medical Tourism: Build public-private partnerships to attract medical facilities and specialty medical services to the territory.
  • Expand access to work: Integrate job creation, training, and skills development as a core component of health and wellness initiatives.
  • Improve federal funding: Improve data collection, monitoring, compliance, and reporting to maximize federal funding.

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